A word for husbands and wives-Part 2

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Colossians 3:18-19 “Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them.”  Extra Reading: Colossians 3:18-25

The last time we touched on Sarah, Abraham’s wife. She called her husband master. In calling Abraham “master,” Sarah showed that she submitted to her husband. Just as Abraham is called the “father” of those who believe, so Sarah can be called the “mother” of those who obey. Now lets go back to 1 Peter 3:7 and pick on instructions to Christian husbands given by Peter. Husbands must be considerate as they live with their wives (see Ephesians 5:25, 28). Husbands must treat their wives with respect. Because women are physically weaker than men, husbands must protect their wives, and be kind and gentle with them. However, in spiritual things, wives are not behind their husbands. The husband may be stronger than his wife physically, but spiritually they are equal. The wife receives the same grace her husband does; she receives the same salvation her husband does. Husband and wife are heirs together of the gracious gift of life. If a husband treats his wife harshly or if a wife refuses to submit to her husband, the spiritual fellowship between them is broken. When this happens, their prayers are hindered. Let this not happen. A husband and wife must remember the words of Jesus: “…if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven” (Matthew 18:19). Think of the prayer power that a husband and wife possess together! Let nothing hinder it! There is something else the husband and wife (and all of us) must remember. When the husband and wife pray together, they can know that Jesus is present with them. Jesus said, “For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them” (Matthew 18:20). When the fellowship between husband and wife is broken, their fellowship with Jesus is also broken. Husbands and wives let this not happen!

God has given husbands authority over their wives. Paul does not say the husband is better than his wife; he only says that God has given the husband greater authority in the family. The husband is given authority over his wife not for his own benefit but rather for the benefit of the whole family. His authority is to be used to maintain discipline, order, and peace within the family. The husband has no authority to maltreat or abuse his wife. Instead, he is to behave toward her with love and mercy, just as Christ behaved toward us. God has given husbands authority to do good, not to do badly. Just as Christ has authority over the church and each of its members, so husbands have authority over their wives. And just as all Christians must remain under the authority of Christ, so wives must remain under the authority of their husbands (see Col.3:18; 1 Peter 3:1-2). The husband’s authority is not his own; it is Christ’s. Wives need to be able to see Christ’s qualities in their husbands. If a wife can see Christ in her husband, then she should not have difficulty remaining under his authority!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, assist husbands to be merciful to their wives. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Rev. Samuel N. Modise

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