We Believe

Mission Statement

To become a Congregation that ministers to the whole person through dynamic worship, teaching, healing and deliverance, preaching, Congregation planting, and Prayer Ministry.

Vision Statement

To stand as a shining example of a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing congregation that effectively evangelizes to the lost, leading them into strong personal growth in their relationship with Yeshua.

Value Statement

  1. We are committed to equipping Believers through Biblical preaching of Abba Father’s Word.
  2. We are committed to reliance on prayer for direction, planning, and execution of the ministries and activities of the congregation.
  3. We are committed to helping people discover their spiritual gifts that they might use it in the building up of the body of Christ.
  4. We are committed to all people, just as they are, without regard to race, gender, age, or whatever the case might be. We value diversity.
  5. We are committed to receiving direction from the Holy Spirit that enables creativity and innovation.
  6. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence in all the ministries. This will be achieved when every person is exercising his or her God-given spiritual gifts to the best of his or her ability.
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