His names are Wonderful: (Getting to know God through his Hebrew names)

Author: Elizabeth L. Vander Meulen and Barbabra D.Malda

What’s in his name? In the Western world, names are often chosen because they’re cute or because parents hope their children might aspire to be like a namesake, perhaps even a bible figure. Yet, names in the Bible were often chosen to communicate something about a person….especially God’s names.

In Hebrew thought, a name did more than identify a person; it revealed their identity .God’s identity is expressed not in one name, but in many.

This book uncovers the treasures in God’s names, grouping 140 names into eight sections.

Amount: R191.00





The voice of the Lord: (Messianic Jewish Daily Devotional)

Author: David Rudolph





Lessons and anecdotes from Jewish culture and literature abound in the pages of this Book, shedding new light on familiar passages of scripture.

Jump-start your day with this unique devotional that will help you understand the Jewish roots of our faith.

Quickly selling out after its first printing. The voice of the lord has become one of our all-time best sellers. Listed below, are quotes from various leaders who explain why.


Amount: R387.00


Game plan for Life

Author: Jannie Putter

Jannie Putter was the mental coach of the Blue bulls from 2006

He was a provincial and national sportsman , has an honours degree in psychology and a masters degree in sport science.Jannie is a motivational speaker and practices as sport psychologist.

He works with teams , corporations and individual on areas such as managing stress ,competition , team building and Leadership.

Jannie Putter knows how to achieve real success. With a game plan for life he wants to help you become a champion. Just as we need strategies in order to have a game plan for sport or for projects , we need a game plan to steer and guide our daily lives.


Shama: “The lifestyle of a true worshiper”

























This is a daily devotional that contains deep messages from the heart of the Father. Sarah wrote the book in a 3 month period after Abba instructed her to write the book. She was in Israel when Abba spoke to her about this book- SHAMA. Shama means to listen and obey or hear and do. This book is a call for the bride of Messiah to daily walk with Him and to live a life of listening and obeying Him.








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