Kanaan Ministries: Amanda Buys


Kanaan Ministries

Kanaan Ministries was founded by Roly and Amanda Buys with one desire: RESTORATION… the restoration of the Bride of Messiah, as well as equipping the saints with the tools needed to walk in victory and blessing.




Amanda Buys has held various teachings at our Teaching Center. Her teachings go deeper into the knowledge and revelation of the following topics:

  • Inner Healing
  • Bloodlines
  • God’s plan for a Healthy Family
  • Africa Come forth out of bondage

<!–LATEST research/information:

DID systems.

DID primary parts. 

The Hegelian Concept. 

Understanding the role of Neshamah in DID/SRA.

Understanding Primal Split and dissociation.

Phenomenological dynamics.–>

Kanaan Ministry Teaching Material is available at our SHALOM BOOKSHOP at Lombardy Business Park,
Block 4, Units 65 & 66, Corner Cole & Graham Road, Shere, Pretoria East and also at the SHALOM ONLINE BOOKSHOP.

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