Kainos Arche Ministries-Leoni Venter



A new beginning has two meanings

A baby that is conceived is a new beginning

A to be reborn as a Christian is a new beginning

That is what this ministry is about.
To teach parents how to prepare the baby in the womb because this baby is already spirit.
How to nurture the baby’s spirit in the womb and how to prepare this baby for the birthing process.

As children of God Eloihim we need to be pruned we need to turn away from old ways of doing
and thinking and therefore we need deliverance and inner healing.
We also need deliverance from our bloodlines the forefather’s sins that draw us back for we
have to enter into the bloodline of Jesus of Nazareth.

As delivered  people walk with a pure heart before the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they
will walk   into a  new level of authority.  This ministry wants to see people walk in the authority
which God YHWH ordained for them to walk in, and to operate in their gifting, and to redeem
what was  high jacked by the kingdom of darkness, and to be good stewards.

My vision is for the church leaders to receive deliverance and to gain knowledge about the truth of idol worship in their lives, in peoples lives and in the community.
For church leaders to take that knowledge  to the sheep for healing in the community,  and not only to the sheep but also to the political leaders to heal the land.
Our land and his people belong to God Eloihim.
A new beginning for our land.

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