MLC Ministries Seychelles

The MLC Ministry Drug Rehabilitation Center is in the heart of the Main Island, MAHE in Seychelles.

Rachel Talma is our Counselor and Center Coordinator and is responsible for running the drug addiction program, which is a detox program from heroin addiction.

This is a spiritual-based program where we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the only hope of complete healing for the clients and their families.  Committed prayer is the foundation of this Ministry.

Our Objectives are:

  • To undertake a life-changing detoxification and rehabilitation program from drug addiction.
  • To use Healing and Deliverance and the Father’s Word as the core attribution to a successful recovery.
  • To return drug-free clients back into their community as ambassadors of Hope, a gift of Love from Abba Father.
  • School programs to warn against the danger of drug addiction.
  • Outreach programs to bring awareness to the community on the impact of drug addictions on health and family.
  • Narcotics anonymous support group was started because many recovered and drug-free clients needed the support.

                    Rachel Talma



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