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A condition in which acidic gastric fluid flows backward into the oesophagus, resulting in heartburn.

Some adults experience a more severe form of acid reflux known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Despite what we’ve been told for years, too much stomach acid is not the cause of acid reflux. The primary trigger of heartburn and GERD is acid entering the esophagus because of a leaky valve.  Causes of acid reflux include pregnancy, hiatal hernias, and an unhealthy diet.

Natural acid reflux remedies may help to balance stomach acid and relieve symptoms such as heartburn, gas, bloating, bad breath, and sore throat.

Direction to use:

Drink 1 capsule of the Acid Balance, daily.

This blend may also be applied topically over the stomach and neck, as needed.


All our blend’s come in a 30ml glass bottle, with a glass pipette and a rubber bulb on top. Don’t forget to buy empty veggie capsules when purchasing an ingestible blend. (Our veggie capsules are now available in 90’s and 150’s).

Never pre-fill capsules for future use, as this will compromise the veggie capsule and melt. Instead, always fill the capsules just before drinking it. (But if no other option, only prepare up to 3 days’ supply. You MUST then keep them upright in the refrigerator in a marked container; to know which blend it is filled with.)

Method – open the veggie capsule, then open your blend, squeeze and release the rubber bulb to draw the oil blend up into the glass pipette dropper. Then gently squeeze the rubber bulb to fill the larger part of the open capsule. Close the capsule before drinking it. Dosage is always a full capsule of a specific blend (between 15 to 18 drops).

If you have to drink more than one capsule a day, spread them throughout the day, never more than two capsules at a time. Spreading the capsules throughout the day assists the body with proper absorption. Always good to have a very small snack/fruit before drinking capsules.


Do not use it during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Not suitable for use in a diffuser, only undiluted pure essential oils may be used in a diffuser.

Protect from sunlight.

Store below 25°c.

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