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This blend supports normal lung function. It soothes the throat and fights bacteria acts as a decongestant, increases expectoration, and soothes inflamed mucus membranes. It helps to fight off colds, flu, and upper respiratory infections.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the lungs and mucus membranes. This blend can be used for colds, flu, phenomena, asthma, weak lung function, emphysema, bronchitis, and chronic coughing. It is safe to use on children over the age of 5, 10 drops and for children under 5 use the KIDS chest roller blend.

Direction for use:

This blend is to be used topically only; apply over chest twice a day and inhale.

Inhale Method 
Drip 2-3 drops of suggested essential oil or as otherwise directed, into the palm of the hands, rub once to open the molecules (rubbing will evaporate the oil), cup your hands around your mouth and nose, and deeply inhale. 
Topically apply, 20-30 drops over the chest and lungs, and over the back of the lungs.

Do not use it during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Not to be taken orally.

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