Depression/Anxiety Diffuser Blend: 10ml


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This is a pure essential oil blend that has no carrier oil added to it.

Formulated to support the brain by balancing the brain chemicals that affects mood and emotions. It helps to restore the neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine and norephedrine) which plays a role in anxiety, mood and depression.

Treating depression and anxiety disorders by using a diffuser is extremely effective as these molecules travels through the limbic system and enter through the blood-brain barrier, regulating restoring and balancing neurochemicals.

Safe to use around children.

Save to use in conjunction with anti-depressants and anxiety medications.

Direction for use:

Use in a diffuser during the night or day by adding 5 drops, unless otherwise suggested.

Diffuse 2-3 drops of each oil; maximum 10-12 drops in total, at a time, unless otherwise advised.

NOTE: Always use an ultrasonic diffuser (with a diffusing duration of at least 8 hours), to diffuse pure essential oils. Do not use a humidifier, air purifier, or a candle, as they only smell good and have no further effect. An electric, ultrasonic, diffuser dispenses essential oils into the air through vibrations of a plate which causes ultrasonic waves, creating microscopic particles of oils that disperse into the air. It, therefore, breaks open the essential oil volatile molecules, to have a medicinal effect in that it can penetrate through the blood-brain barrier. It is always good to use a diffuser at night while you are sleeping.

Do not use during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Do not ingest or apply topically.

Protect from sunlight.

Store below 25°c

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