Taking our opportunities

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Taking our opportunities                Ephesians 5:15-16 “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of the time, because the days are evil” Revised Standard Version            Extra Reading: Ephesians 5:15-20

The writer here addresses four key social issues namely, ‘walk’, ‘unwise’, ‘time’, and ‘evil’. When all these four issues are taken care of well, then we will have uninterrupted and balanced lives. The Word warns us not act thoughtlessly but grab every opportunity that comes our way, to serve God and bring honour and glory to His name. We need to exercise carefulness how we lead our lives here on earth. Some have chosen to live as though God does not exist and that they don’t care whether He is keeping them in watch or not. Only ignorant, stupid and unwise men can choose to live like this. Paul is calling upon the disciples of Jesus Christ in the city of Ephesus to walk in a manner worthy of their calling (Ephesians 4:1-16), to walk differently from the pagan world about them (vv. 17-24), to walk in love (4:25-5:2). In the first part of chapter 5 he urges them to walk in the light as the sons of light (Ephesians 5:5-14). From our text he encourages them to walk with wisdom, seizing every opportunity to render service to God and others.

Paul issues a call to walk in wisdom over against the folly of a pagan world. Let me say this that wisdom is not an intellectual achievement but is a mind-set in which in which one seeks to do only those things that are pleasing to God. Paul encourages us to snatch up all the opportunities that are available for doing God’s will. One interesting thing is that he uses the commercial vocabulary of the marketplace to describe the intense activity that he is encouraging them and us to put forth. Some people in our day watch the stock market with intense interest because they are eager to seize bargains. They try to buy at the right time and sell at the right time in order to experience a profit. The apostle is encouraging this type of interest, energy, and ingenuity concerning spiritual opportunities for service. We are to seize an opportunity for service in the same manner that we would seize a bargain in the marketplace. The early Christians outlived, outthought, and outdid their contemporaries. That is what our present generation needs. This is a call to a serious acceptance of our stewardship of time. Not one of us has much time as we think we have. It is much later than we think. Our opportunities are rapidly slipping away from us. Each of us has an equal amount of time every day, and each must make the most of it.

We need to stress the importance of the present and become intensely aware of the value of life and time. This would help us to learn what really matters and what doesn’t. Time is loaned to us by God and it is to be used in God’ service.  Time is very precious. Time is passing swiftly. Time is very uncertain.  Time once gone cannot be recalled. Time is something for which we are accountable. Each moment, as it passes, is the meeting place of two eternities. My advice to you is, make good use of time. Yesterday cannot be recalled, and tomorrow cannot be assured. Only today is ours. If we procrastinate, we lose the present. Walk as a wise person. God bless you.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, remind us to check on how we walk. Help us make the most of time. Amen!

Rev. Samuel N. Modise                          

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