Ignite Youth Ministry

Join us every Friday as we Worship and have fun with young people in the presence of the Lord


Why you should join our Ignite Youth Ministry?

  • We help in strengthening the faith of our youth. The atmosphere of our youth groups is light-hearted and focuses on fun. There is a certain amount of time spent teaching the Word of God, praying, and laying the fundamentals of our faith. This serves to strengthen the teenager’s faith, which in turn brings the entire family closer.
  • We offer youth an opportunity for good, clean fun. From concerts, talent shows, debates, movies, camps, our youth groups give youth members a chance to have wholesome fun with other like-minded teens. At a time when peer pressure is so very strong and temptations to engage potentially harmful behavior for recreation, our Youth Ministry is an oasis for teenagers. We are glad that this can give parents much needed peace of mind during this critical age.
  • It’s a great environment for teenagers to socialize. What better place is there for teenagers to interact than in an environment as positive and supervised as our Youth Ministry. Our youth members are encouraged to make new friends and enjoy themselves with other kids they have known for ages in a safe and positive place where no drugs, alcohol, or inappropriate behavior is condoned. You will take comfort in the fact that your son or daughter is spending their free time in a positive place where negative and dangerous behavior is simply not tolerated.
  • It encourages positive involvement with the community. From car washes to bake sales to planting a community garden and other volunteering activities our youth groups will seek to organize and take part in projects that better the community and it’s residents. Not only will your teenager come away from these activities with a sense of pride and achievement, parents cannot help but be inspired to take more of an active role in the community. Our desire is to build a future generation that is sound in the Kingdom of God, a generation that will change our world for the better, guided by the Word of God.
  • We do outreaches to help build His Kingdom. After much equipping and training the youth has been active in evangelizing in Lethabong Community as part of their way of giving back and being the salt and light of the world.







If you want to participate to effectively impact young people, feel free to contact us and send an email to worship@mlcministries.co.za.

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